Invited speakers


Prof. Eberhard Malkowsky - State University of Novi Pazar, Serbia

Title: Some classes of operators between certain BK spaces (This talk will be online)

Prof. Arsen Pskhu - Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation KBSC RAS, Russian Federation

Title: Boundary value problems for fractional PDEs with the Liouville fractional derivatives (This talk will be face-to-face) 

Prof. Galina Kurina - Voronezh State University,  Russian Federation

Title: Singularly perturbed problems with multi-tempo fast variables (This talk will be face-to-face)

Prof. Krassimira Vlachkova - Sofia University, Bulgaria

Title: Interpolation of  Scattered Data in R3 using Smooth Curve Networks (This talk will be online)

Prof. Fadi Awawdeh - The Hashemite University, Jordan

Title: Deferred Correction Methods for Solving IVPs (This talk will be online)

Prof. Durvudkhan Suragan - Nazarbayev University & Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Kazakhstan

Title: The Work of Michael Ruzhansky: Books and Memoirs (This talk will be face-to-face)