NFA 2021 - Turkey

Welcome to Numerical Functional Analysis - 2021 Conference

Istanbul, Turkey  

The Organizing Committee of ICAAM is pleased to invite you to the Satellite Conference of ICAAM 2021. The meeting will be held on November 22-24, 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The conference will be held for 3 days and the first day of the conference will be in person. The second and third days of the conference will be on Zoom.

The conference venue is Uranus Istanbul Topkapi Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

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Meeting ID: 956 2586 5151, passcode: nfa2021

All proceedings of ICAAM (2012-2020) were published in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings. We are also in contact with AIP (American Institute of Physics) to publish the results of this satellite conference.

Selected full papers of this conference will be published in the peer-reviewed journal e-Journal of Analysis and Applied Mathematics.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Istanbul, Turkey.


Registration and Abstract Submission

** AIP Proceeding Paper Submission 

Registered Participants:   (Click here for submitted abstracts)


Nurlan Yerkinbayev

Boundary conjugation problems for piecewise-analytic functions in Besov spaces



Criteria for unambiguous solvability of a multipoint boundary value problem for integro-differential equations with involution


Ali Sirma

On uniform difference schemes and asymptotic formulas for the solution of Shr\"{o}dinger's type nonlocal boundary value perturbation problems


Abdizhahan Sarsenbi

Basicity of eigenfunctions of a periodic problem for a second-order differential equation with involution


Makhmud Sadybekov and Bauyrzhan Derbissaly

On Green's function of asymmetric characteristic boundary value problem for hyperbolic equation in a characteristic triangle


Kanat Tulenov

Optimal range for the Hilbert transform among fully symmetric spaces


Usmanov K

A criterion for unique solvability of a multipoint boundary value problem for systems of integro-differential equations with involution

8 Batirkhan Turmetov Direct and inverse problems for a two-dimensional parabolic equation with involution


Madi Yergaliyev

Inverse problem with periodic conditions for the Burgers equation

10 Dostilek Dauitbek An analog of Nazarov-Podkorytov lemma in non-commutative Lp space
11 Mussakan B. Muratbekov, Madi M. Muratbekov and Sabit Igisinov Coercive estimates and compactness of a resolvent of a class of singular parabolic operators
12 Temirbekov Nurlan, Temirbekova Laura and Nurmangaliyeva Maya On effective methods of regularization with discretization of integral equations
13 S.Z.Dzhamalov, R.R.Ashurov, M.A. Sultanov and Kh.Sh. Turakulov On a nonlocal boundary value problem for a three-dimensional Tricomi equation in a prismatic unbounded domain
14 Haitham Al hazaimeh An approximation to the solution of the source identification telegraph problem with nonlocal condition
15 Firudin Muradov Homeomorphic maps of finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces
16 Semih Çavuşoğlu and Oktay Sh. Mukhtarov A new finite difference algorithm for boundary value problems involving transmission conditions
17 Abdulgafur Taskin Source identification problems for the neutron transport differential and difference equations
18 Charyyar Ashyralyyev Numerical solution to elliptic source identification problem with non-local integral condition
19 Allaberen Ashyralyev, Fatih Hezenci and Yaşar Sozen A note on stability of parabolic difference equations on n-torus

Allaberen Ashyralyev,

Suleiman Ibrahim and Evren Hincal

A numerical algorithm for the third-order partial delay differential equation with involution and Neumann condition
21 Bishar Chato Haso Time-dependent source identification problems for delay hyperbolic differential and difference equations
22 Hatice Taskesen and Necat Polat Global weak solutions for a shallow water wave equation
23 Hatice Taskesen and Sıddık Polat Global well-posedness for a stochastic nonlinear wave equation
24 Nurhan Dündar and Necat Polat On the Cauchy problem for the modified Camassa-Holm equation with weak dissipation
25 Ozgur Yildirim Asymptotic formulas for the solution of hyperbolic perturbation problems with nonlocal conditions
26 Abdullah Erdogan Numerical solution of source identification problem in the heat equation
27 Deniz Agirseven ---
28 Koray Turk ---
29 Baris Erkose ---
30 Pirmyrat Gurbanov Solution of some nonlocal problems of elliptic-hyperbolic equation
31 Mamadsho Ilolov Methods of differential geometry in stochastic analysis
32 Vladimir Vasilyev On certain non-standard elliptic problems
33 Bahaddin Sinsoysal and Mahir Rasulov A numerical study of the interaction of waves for 2D Riemann problem
34 Okan Gercek Well-posedness of elliptic-parabolic differential problem with integral condition

Almas Temirbekov and

Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov

Variational methods for constructing iterative algorithms

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