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Multivariate Stochastic Mechanisms and Information Measures in Population Growth Processes

Under review

New Numerical Approach for Solving the Oseen Problem in a Convection Form in Non-convex Domain     Accepted
On the Ternary Semigroups of Homeomorphic Transformations of Bounded Closed Sets with Nonempty Interior of Finite-Dimensional Euclidean Spaces Under review
Comparative Analysis of the Weighted Finite Element Method and FEM with Mesh Refinement Accepted
Statistical Analysis of Gender Gap in Education and Employment - with examples from Nepal Under review
Numerical solution of the nonlocal reverse parabolic problem with second kind boundary and integral conditions Under review
Study of the Initial Boundary Value Problem for the Two-Dimensional Differential Equation with Fractional Time Derivative in the Sense of Caputo Under review
An Algorithm for Control Correction in Nonlinear Point-to-Point Control Problem Under review
Using the conjugate equations method for solving of inverse problems of mathematical geophysics and mathematical epidemiology Under review
An Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment and Stock Market on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1986-2018). Vector Autoregressive Modeling Approach (VAR)

Under review

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An Approximate Solution of First Derivatives of the Mixed Boundary Value Problem for Laplace’s Equation on a Rectangle Under review
On solvability of the nonlinear optimization problem with the limitations on the control Under review
O(h^8 | lnh |) order of accurate difference method for solving the Dirichlet problem for Laplace’s equation on a rectangle with boundary values in C^{k,1} Under review
The Mathematical Model of a Short Arc at the Blow-Off Repulsion of Electrical Contacts during the Transition from Metallic Phase to Gaseous Phase Under review
The liquid-phase process of smelting reduction in an electric furnace with bottom electrodes Under review
A fourth order accurate difference method for solving the second order elliptic equation with integral boundary condition Under review
Parallel CUDA Implementation of a Numerical Algorithm for Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations Using the Pressure Uniqueness Condition Under review
On the solvability of nonlinear integral equations Under review
Determination of fractional order and source term in a fractional subdiffusion equation Under review 
Domain of generalized Riesz difference operator of fractional order in Maddox’s space l(p) Under review 
The Fictitious Domain Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations in Natural Variables Under review 
On a Boundary Value Problem for Systems of Integro-Differential Equations with Involution Under review 
The Riemann-Hilbert problem for first order elliptic systems on the plane in the Hardy space  Under review 
A General Boundary Value Problem for Heat and Mass Transfer Equations with High Order Normal Derivatives in Boundary Conditions  Under review


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